4th International SAW/IKCA Seminar

4th International SAW/IKCA Seminar

On the 13th of April 2019, Senior Grand Master Chuck Sullivan along with some of the IKCA’s finest descended upon Adelaide for the 4th International IKCA / SAW seminars. 

This special event was hosted by Grand Master Anthony Hockley and Kelly Hockley from Crocodile Martial Arts Australia, their hard work and organisation delivered an excellent event, which was enjoyed by all who attended.

The morning consisted of both an adult and kids seminar, lead by SGM Chuck Sullivan, with assistance from other visiting members of the IKCA including, GM Carl Schalyo, GM Howard Singer, Stacy Picascia, Domnic McGee, David Ghigliotty, and Jan Nyrup. The seminars were a great success and it was fantastic to see a room full of people who are passionate about Kenpo, training and sharing knowledge together.

A special dinner to celebrate SGM Chuck Sullivan’s 60th year of Kenpo was put on in the evening. This special dinner gave the international guests a chance to experience some Australian culture, be entertained by some of CMAA’s very own martial arts talent, and of course pay tribute to the incredible martial arts career of SGM Chuck Sullivan.

As part of the event, we were also very lucky to witness Crocodile Martial Arts Australia’s very own Anthony Hockley get promoted to the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt and given the title of Grand Master. It was an honor for it to happen on home soil in Adelaide, and in front of so many of his students. Congratulations Grand Master Anthony Hockley! We are all very proud of your achievement.

A huge thank you to everyone for attending this very special event, it was fantastic to bring so many Martial Artists together to share their passion for Kenpo and celebrate a huge milestone for SGM Chuck Sullivan, the event brought people together from all around Australia and the world, with people making the effort to travel from QLD, NSW, VIC & SA as well as the USA and Denmark.

A very special thank you to Kelly Hockley who headed the organisation of this event. As well as all of those who assisted leading up to and throughout the event to make it a great success.

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