8th Annual Junior Club Competition

8th Annual Junior Club Competition

Congratulations to all of our AMAZING Junior students who participated in our 8th Annual Junior Club Competition this past Saturday!

Everyone did such a great job! It was awesome to see so many students step out of their comfort zone and participate in this years range of activities.

This year, we had some events that have been part of CMAA’s Annual Club Competition since the 1st ever competition, as well as some new events too! We had just the right amount of fun events (Ninja Agility Course, Ninja Star Accuracy Test, Sumo, Samurai Tripod, Monkey Tail) to the scarier and more confronting events (Single Stick Set, Blocking Sets, Kempo Basic Blocks Form) and everyone had such a great time!

Even just getting out their and giving it a go can be quite scary, but everyone showed a great amount of courage.

Seeing everyone so happy when receiving their participation medal was amazing. All those happy faces made the day even better!

It was impressive to see some new students give it a go and some even walk away with Trophies!

Congratulations to everyone! Trophy or not, you’re all winners for getting out there and giving it a go!

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