Age Group7-13 years old
SkillsFocus, concentration, perseverance, goal setting, self-confidence.
ClassesMonday - Saturday
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Junior Hockley Kempo program (Ages 7 to 13 years old)

Our Junior Hockley Kempo System program is based on the same program which is undertaken by our adult students, while similar martial arts techniques are taught, the entire program has been tailored to make it more achievable and accessible for children. Through the use of martial arts techniques, students will develop a high level of physical co-ordination. As with our Little Crocs program, we identified that it is essential for children at this age to also be learning valuable life skills, they will learn respect for themselves and others, focus and concentration, perseverance and goal setting, and greatly improve their self-confidence.

The program is also delivered through skill level specific classes. All students start in our Junior Beginners class, and over time as each student learns more and achieves higher belt ranks, they will move up into our Junior Intermediate, and then Advanced classes to help deliver a more detailed approach to their self defence techniques and overall martial arts skill base, working them towards their Junior Black Belt rank, and into our adults & teens program.