Andrew Kantzavelos

Andrew Kantzavelos

Senior Instructor - Adult Kempo & Ju-Jitsu

Why I do Martial Arts

I was introduced to Martial Arts just before my 12th birthday. It sparked my interest because as a child I was picked on. Almost 12 months after training I had to defend myself at school. It worked to my favor in more ways than one. Not only did I defend myself successfully, but it gave me confidence and a feeling of self-worth, just to name a few benefits. From that point I knew that Martial Arts was for me. When I started progressing through the ranks, I began to realise that not only was I learning self defence, but I was also learning a way of life. So long as I was learning I was growing. And to this day I am still growing, regardless of my ranks.

Why I love teaching Martial Arts

Martial Arts do not discriminate. Everyone is treated equally. Individuals are taught this from the outset. Treat everyone as an equal and the favor will be returned. Over the years of experience and teaching I have witnessed individuals with low self-esteem or self-worth grow into more confident and happier people. It puts a smile on my face knowing that I had played a part to see this transformation. As an instructor I am giving you the tools to incorporate into your everyday life. It is not just about punching and kicking. There is so much more. For every individual the experience will be different, but the end result will eventually be the same, a positive and happier life. Whilst teaching others I learn from their experiences and incorporate it into my Martial Arts.

I will continue to learn. I will continue to grow. It is a lifelong journey.

Current Ranks

4th Degree Black Belt,
Hockley Chinese Kenpo
4th Degree Black Belt (Yondan),
Hockley Kempo System
4th Degree Black Belt (Yondan),
Koshindo Ju-Jitsu
3rd Degree Black Belt,
IKCA Chinese Kenpo
3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan),
Foreman Ju-Jitsu
3rd Degree Black Black
Kyojukai Karate
2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan),
Kenpo Ju-Jitsu
1st Degree Black Belt,
IKKA Kenpo
Level 1 Black Belt,
Hockley Kali-Eskrima-Arnis-Silat

Other Relevant Experience

Apply First Aid – including CPR (formerly Senior First Aid)

DHS Working with Children Check

Master Trainer, Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF)

AMAHOF Inductee 2018

WKUHOF Inductee 2018