Kelly Hockley

Kelly Hockley


I am the CEO and co-owner of Crocodile Martial Arts Australia and the business partner and wife of GM Anthony Hockley. I have worked alongside GM Hockley since CMAA opened in 2011 and have been an integral part of growing CMAA into the successful school that is has become.

My background is in administration, office management and sales. My expertise in these areas has enabled GM Hockley to focus on the martial arts side of the business, dedicating his time to teaching students and developing a world-class program with a professional and committed Instructor Team.

I oversee the entire operation at CMAA and am responsible for the day to day running of the Dojo. I am your go-to person if you have any questions regarding memberships, events and general enquiries.

Why I love what I do

I am the first point of contact at the dojo. I love watching families on their journey in the Martial Arts.

I see kids who start training because their parents want them to have more focus, more confidence, more self-control etc. Kids usually come in at either end of the scale – shy, nervous and lacking confidence or like a dynamo, over excited and barely able to stand still. Martial arts helps all of these kids. It teaches them valuable life skills that not only help them on the mat but that carry over into their everyday lives.

I see adults who start training because they want to learn self-defence, get fit or lose some weight and get in shape. These adults’ range in ages and come from all backgrounds. We have adult students, stay at home mums, professionals and everyone in between. Our programs cater for everyone.

I love seeing the satisfaction on students faces when they achieve their goals. I love seeing parents so proud of their children as they learn new skills and achieve. I love seeing adult students get over their fears and achieve things they never thought they would.

I love that at CMAA there is a place for everyone. I am proud of the community that we have built that offers students a safe and happy place to learn and grow.


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