Junior Koshindo Ju-Jitsu

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Junior Koshindo Ju-Jitsu is a grappling based self defence program, the style includes both standing and ground techniques. Students will learn to defend themselves from any position and make the uncomfortable feel comfortable. Ju-Jitsu, translated to “The Gentle Art” is based around the concept of being able to manipulate an opponent’s force against themselves rather […]

Little Crocs Program (Ages 3 to 6 years old)

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Our Little Crocs program offers students much more than the physical side of martial arts, our program develops a range of life skills, including listening skills, focus, and concentration. Children will also develop skills in co-operation, learning how to follow directions, sharing, and taking turns. We nurture your child’s independence and encourage a positive attitude […]

Junior Hockley Kempo program (Ages 7 to 13 years old)

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Our Junior Hockley Kempo System program is based on the same program which is undertaken by our adult students, while similar martial arts techniques are taught, the entire program has been tailored to make it more achievable and accessible for children. Through the use of martial arts techniques, students will develop a high level of […]