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Vacation Programs / Day Camps

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AT CROCODILE MARTIAL ARTS AUSTRALIA we pride ourselves on offering a fun, safe and engaging program for primary school aged kids. We have been running a successful holiday program since 2011. We cater for kids 5—13 years old during the regular, government school holiday periods. Our program is designed to allow kids to be  active and […]


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Crocodile Martial Arts Australia host a variety of training seminars throughout the year for both kids and adults, taught by our own professional instructor team, as well as visiting special guest instructors from around the world. These seminars give students the chance to experience something different outside of their normal training and broaden their horizons […]

Parent Night Out

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So what EXACTLY is a ‘Parent Night Out’ or PNO you may well be asking? We hear from many parents that they struggle with babysitters as they don’t have grandparents close by to help out, or they feel guilty asking them, or a friend, to babysit, just so they can get a night out etc. Our […]

Little Crocs Program (Ages 3 to 6 years old)

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Our Little Crocs program offers students much more than the physical side of martial arts, our program develops a range of life skills, including listening skills, focus, and concentration. Children will also develop skills in co-operation, learning how to follow directions, sharing, and taking turns. We nurture your child’s independence and encourage a positive attitude […]

Junior Hockley Kempo program (Ages 7 to 13 years old)

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Our Junior Hockley Kempo System program is based on the same program which is undertaken by our adult students, while similar martial arts techniques are taught, the entire program has been tailored to make it more achievable and accessible for children. Through the use of martial arts techniques, students will develop a high level of […]

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Eskrima-Arnis-Silat)

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The Filipino Martial Arts cover a wide range of styles and systems, which are most well-known for the use of weaponry. While students learn to be proficient at a number of weapons, including Single Stick, Double Stick, Staff, Knife, Sword, Cane, and Palm Stick, the empty hand techniques are equally efficient and devastating. Through the […]

Chinese Kenpo (Karate / Kung Fu)

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Chinese Kenpo is designed as a complete street practical stand-up system of self-defence. It delivers traditional fighting techniques embedded with modern scientific principles. Students will learn a range of techniques which will give them the tools to effectively defend themselves in a wide variety of standing confrontations. Our Chinese Kenpo classes also combine elements of […]

Hockley Kempo System

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Hockley Kempo System is a blended martial arts program, which includes the best of traditional striking, grappling and weaponry, taught in a modern and accessible way, suitable for both kids and adults. Our program has been developed to provide an all-round system for self-defence, we believe martial arts should be taught to improve both the […]