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Crocodile Martial Arts Australia

Crocodile Martial Arts Australia began in 2007 as a small community hall run martial arts academy headed by Grand Master Anthony Hockley, through hard work and dedication the school grew bigger and in January of 2011, with the help of his wife Kelly Hockley, Grand Master Anthony opened the first full-time location in Holden Hill, South Australia. Here we began offering classes 6 days a week in a variety of martial arts styles for adults, teens, and kids as young as 3 years old. The move to a full-time location opened the doors to being able to offer a more professional service to our students and focus on their needs, further training of instructors led to a professional team of passionate teachers who love what they do and deliver the best in martial arts training.

Our teachers not only aim to pass on the physical aspects of martial arts, we aim to be mentors and role models for all of our students, helping them build self-confidence and instil positive life skills. We believe that the martial arts are a way of life, bringing together the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects we hope that all students can learn valuable lessons which will last a life time.

One of our goals has always been to build a positive community environment around our academy, making it an inviting place for people from all walks of life. We also do our best to volunteer and get involved in the wider community and contribute to charities and community events

Crocodile Martial Arts Australia has been involved with the following organisations:

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia

Empowering victims of child abuse to become a survivor, to bring justice back to our legal system and to outrage those who are unaffected by child abuse as much as those who are.


Canteen – The Australian organisation supporting young people living with cancer. We’re in a young person’s corner when cancer crashes into their world. 

Childhood Cancer Inc – SIBS Program

SIBS – Super Important Brothers and Sisters – school holiday activities to help siblings understand and cope with wehat’s happening to their brother or sister.

Australian Red Cross – Red25 Blood Donor Program

Red25 is a life-saving social responsibility program where workplaces, community groups, and universities around Australia unite to save lives through blood donation.

Kidney Health Australia – Big Red Kidney Walk

Across Australia, thousands of people will walk to show their support for kidney patients, families of people with kidney disease, and people at risk of developing kidney disease.

A few words from Kancho Anthony Hockley


Martial arts in not about fighting it’s about helping real people feel good about themselves and achieving something in their lives. Becoming a black belt is about self-perfection of one’s character not building one’s ego. I may get called Master, but I am always a student of the arts and always will train with an open mind and love in my heart.

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